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Jeff Goldberg

Jeff Goldberg is well-known as an investigator of psychoactive drugs, their cultural history, and how they work in the brain. Goldberg’s on-the-scene account of the discovery of endorphins in Anatomy of a Scientific Discovery established him as a leading science writer with a talent for gripping storytelling. He is also the author, with Dean Latimer, of a history of opium, Flowers in the Blood. The depth of research compiled by Goldberg for the book fascinated William Burroughs (Naked Lunch, Soft Machine), who wrote in the introduction: “This book covers the subject of opium from the earliest historical references to the recent discovery of opium receptors in the brain, and the body’s own painkiller endorphin.” Goldberg’s articles on science and medicine, ranging from the controversy over fetal cell transplantation to the race to develop the first implantable artificial heart, have appeared in Life, Discover, Newsweek and other magazines internationally.

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